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Gamers turn their back on blockchain as GAS prices soar.
Blockchain Gaming Investments | Q2 2020 Sector Update
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28th of September 2020 - Saxon Advisors today publishes its Q2 2020 Sector Update on Blockchain Gaming Investments. The blockchain gaming ecosystem includes gaming studios, gaming platforms, gaming protocols, and decentralised games (Dapps).
Our research explores key insights concerning early-stage funding for gaming companies in both the traditional gaming and blockchain gaming ecosystems. Our report provides essential information for any gaming entrepreneur on the following:

  • Investments
  • Funding
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In Q2, traditional gaming saw all-time activity and spending thanks to the COVID pandemic, as global lockdowns instilled by governments to help prevent the spread of the virus, many individuals turned to gaming to pass the time. Capital allocation ha

Nevertheless, the story for Blockchain Gaming was not so similar. With the majority of infrastructure and games built on top of Ethereum, the recent GAS price increase negatively affected gamers. Extreme GAS fees stifled growth and, ultimately, caused gamers to rethink if decentralisation was a price too high to pay for now.

Overall, we are still excited about the growth in the space as the nascent industry matures and games find their product market fit. We believe that the sub-sector of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) will be one to watch for Q4 and 2021. This is because of the compatibility of NFTs with DeFi and its growing integration with blockchains hottest sector.

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