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AlphaWallet has nominated Saxon Advisors as its lead advisor.
AlphaWallet has nominated Saxon Advisors as its lead advisor.
Company Information

AlphaWallet is committed to connecting businesses and consumers with new digital economic infrastructure through tokenisation. The company provides three interconnected pillars of business. First, Tokenscript the opensource framework which provides functionality to turn tokens into usable apps and integration points. Second Stormbird, provides consultancy services and proprietary tooling to enterprises that want to use Tokenscript to create token-based apps. Finally, Alphawallet a product which is the world's first TokenScript compatible mobile wallet, available on IOS and Android. The company has so far raised a total funding amount of $2.3m in seed funding from HashKey, Fenbushi Capital, Longhash Ventures and Unity VC.


AlphaWallet has succeeded in the successful launch of their mobile wallet which can be downloaded for IOS or Android. The team is trusted by key players in the blockchain industry such as Circle, Maker and Compound and working towards standardizing TokenScript. AlphaWallet has also begun to build out use cases for TokenScript with enterprises. Currently they are building a sports ticketing solution with Shankai, a digital car portal with a car manufacturer (company under NDA) and also a TokenScript based B2B marketplace with Bartercard.
Ultan Miller, Managing Partner at Saxon Advisors, said:

"We're delighted to be advising AlphaWallet on its approaching Series A round. Victor and the rest of his team are true visionaries, committed to extending tokenisation beyond speculative crypto assets and to the real products and services we use every day.

We look forward to using their products in the future and to Saxon Advisors playing our role in the transformation their technology will bring about."

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