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Divi (DIVI) appoints Saxon Advisors as its lead advisor.
Divi (DIVI) appoints Saxon Advisors as its nominated global fundraising advisor.
Company Information

Divi is a cryptocurrency and wallet that is designed to be user friendly and accessible to everyone. Users are able to quickly and easily store, stake, send and receive the DIVI cryptocurrency and, with just one click, deploy their own masternode. Between Aug 27 - Nov 24, 2017, the company raised $2.7m in an initial coin offering.


Thanks to Divi's one-click masternode solution, hundreds of ordinary people have collaterised millions of dollars in Divi masternodes, with the number of masternodes deployed to the network growing at a rate of up to 20% w-o-w.

Divi Labs is now preparing to launch a mobile app on iOS and Android that will allow users to also open a licenced bank account, exchange between fiat and other cryptocurrencies, spend using a debit card and invest in tokenised stocks and shares.
Ultan Miller, Managing Partner at Saxon Advisors, said:

"We are delighted to have been selected by Divi to help it secure the capital it needs for the roll out and growth of Divi 2.0.

User experience is still cryptocurrency's biggest obstacle to mass adoption and by solving this problem Divi has already grown passionate community of the 'crypto curious' (as opposed to 'crypto-connoisseurs'). It's been a pleasure to work with the Divi team and become a part of their thriving community too."
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