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Minima appoints Saxon Advisors as its nominated advisor in Europe.
Minima appoints Saxon Advisors as its nominated advisor in Europe.
Company Information

Minima is a revolutionary new proof-of-work, layer-1 blockchain that aims to be the most decentralised blockchain ever. In the Minima network there are no miners, instead every user operates a full node by default creating a state of full decentralisation. To become a user/node in the Minima network, one must have the Minima app installed on their mobile device. Collaborating devices work together to provide the network's validation and confirmation infrastructure, all while using no more data or battery power than the average mobile application.


In order to drive millions of devices into the network, Minima is former strategic partnerships with telecommunications businesses, who in turn leverage Minima's tokenisation infrastructure to innovate their infrastructure, partnerships and service offering. Since launching in 2018, Minima has achieved proof of concepts with two major international telecommunications businesses and deployed a testnet with SwissCom at a 100% pass rate.
Ultan Miller, Managing Partner at Saxon Advisors, said:

"We are delighted to have been selected by Minima to help it secure the capital it needs for its mainnet launch plans.

Most blockchains are actually more centralised than most people perceive them to be, with the majority of hash power or coin supply concentrated within the hands of a few actors. We believe that Minima's elegant and truly decentralised solution represents a major breakthrough in blockchain protocol development."
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