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NapoleonX (NPX) appoints Saxon Advisors as its nominated advisor in Europe.
NapoleonX appoints Saxon Advisors as its nominated advisor in Europe.
Company Information

NapoleonX's is an algorithmic trading business operated by a team seasoned finance professionals (23+ years of algorithmic trading experience). It operates trading bots backed by a library of 20+ algorithmic strategies. These strategies target cryptocurrencies to deliver returns in rising and falling price environments. It's strategy is focused on dominant and enduring cryptocurrencies, with its AR 1 fund focusing exclusively on BTC, ETH, and USD and utilising long and short positions for market-neutral performance.

Ultan Miller, Managing Partner at Saxon Advisors, said:

"We are delighted to have been selected by NapoleonX to help it secure the capital it needs for its AR1 BTC/ETH/USD strategy.

Since the collapse of the ICO bubble, algorithmic strategies have proven to be one of the most effective ways for investors to generate alpha. It is an honour to work alongside such esteemed finance professionals as NapoleonX's management and France's first regulated crypto asset manager."
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